So its 3am and I my mind is not wanting to sleep, planning and plotting, my mind doesn’t want to give in… “Stagnant – things are stagnant” is what my mind is analyzing.

The past month and a half, my life has been on hold – but that isn’t it – it’s just in the last six weeks, I haven’t been busy with the things that normally occupy my time.

Stagnant? – Are things stagnant? Life on paused, as time slips by.

Torn, I’m torn between my desires to pursue a dream and this state of tension and confusion pushing me to snap out of this and get into the grind that I see passing by me everyday.

Yeah, I guess I’m being super vague… But I don’t feel like the details are important now – it’s this wrestling that wants to come out and be put in words. It’s weird really – I’m not much of a writer, then every now and then I get the urge to write something down and it comes out in the most random of spurts.

Stagnant: “stale or foul from standing”

Is my life stale and foul?