Human Doing?

If you took the time to evaluate your life, how much time is spent doing things?

You have so many responsibilities, sure you might have more or less than others, but we all have responsibilities; to ourselves, our families, our societies – whether it be social or economic. The more you evaluate these, the more you could feel overwhelmed by the mass of these responsibilities.

But aren’t you a human being? Then why are you more accurately described as a “_human doing_“?

Time; A gift so precious, once given, cannot be taken back. Time should be considered with greater importance. Do you lavishly waste time? Do you spend it on insignificant things? Or do you invest it, being a blessing to others, not only to yourself?

People after all are the ones we have relationships with, and these relationships are what make our lives rich, not the amount you can earn in a year, month or even a day.

A while ago, I watched the movie “Post Grad”, there was a line that profoundly struck me. In the movie, David, a Brazilian who had been living and working in the States shared the following:

I guess I finally realized that, what you do with your life is, really just one half of the equation,

the other half, the more important half really is, who you’re with when you’re doing it.

With this realisation, he decided to go back to Brazil to be close to his family.

But how does one balance life?

Peter Norvig, Google’s Director of Research offered simple answer, how he balances his life and work

People get out of balance when they see their value as being able to respond quickly. If I see myself as a machine for answering email, then my work life would never stop because my email never stops. If instead I see my value as separating the important from the unimportant and making good decisions on the important, then I can go home at a reasonable hour, spend time with my family, ignore my email and phone messages all weekend long, and make sure that when I return to work, I am in the right mood to make the good decisions.

Knowing what is important is the first step in changing back from a human doing into a human being.

I would challenge you, to take the time to evaluate what is important; important to you – not to others. If you are wasting your time on what is unimportant, STOP!

If you are already investing your time in what is important, be encouraged and continue to enjoy being!

Cheers! KiFFiE