the future

finding out what it is that makes me tick. i know of stuff the ticks me off – surely it can’t be that. i’ve came to a point where i’ve plotted out that which makes me fulfilled and i believe effective as a result.

these are a few of the things that bring me to life:
traveling – i desire to travel to different nations, encourage the good in them, help redeem their cultures so often looked down upon and bring forth its beauty for the world to see

making music – music of superior quality with words of truth and life
computer – when i comes to computers – i ain’t no dumbass – i’d like to pass on those skills to those in need

storytelling to be a teaching tool – using my own experiences to come along side others to guide them, so that they too don’t need to make the same mistakes as me. a greater sense of history – to bring out the wealth and truth contained in it.

mentoring – i desire to impart that which i am and have into others that would do the same and multiply

values – stewardship, respect, even just to instill the basic concept of a value

family – i want a family – healthy and loved

so now what does this look like in a big stewing pot? a traveling musician who tells stories while on a computer, mentoring those he comes in contact with?
don’t forget his family!

is an option of all these available?

i think it is very possible

so what i’ve discovered this week is, being away from home, friends and the one i love, that it is she that has turned my life upside down. after years of having no concern – not caring about what people might think of me, she comes along, cutest lady i’ve every met, now i want to be brag-able, someone who she can boast about, with no shame. talk about a complete change in my attitude. now i see that she makes me wanna be the best i can be. not only that, she makes me wanna have others fulfill their potential, be the best they can be.

defined to a t, it still might not be, but direction for the future it sure is. now that i know where i’m going i can start out in that direction and i know that i will enjoy the ride